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Jan 02

Past the shortest day of the year

For me, the shortest day of the year is depressing. This, in spite of the fact that Christmas is approaching. It seems that there is something wrong with daybreak coming at 7:30 AM and dusk at 5:15 PM. There is enough time for a full day’s work, but not enough daylight for anything else. No …

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Dec 31

Have You Ever…?

When I was in about the sixth grade, there was this cool guy I knew. He told me he was selling those blow pops at school and making lots of money. I did think this was a good idea, and asked how much he was selling them for. He said 10 cents for one and …

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Dec 03

Google During Disagreements Is A Game Changer

Have you ever been in an argument and wished that you had unlimited access to the facts? It would be almost unfair if all facts that were available to you and not the person on the other side. I once witnessed a disagreement between two people. One was a scruffy dope smoking hippie type and …

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Nov 02

NATS Song Cycle Competition

I am preparing a song cycle for the NATS song cycle competition. It is based on some poems/prose written by Rabindranath Tagore. It consists of five songs and is about 15 minutes. It is strongly tonal, but has a number of contemporary elements. I am using computer-assisted musical composition for some parts of it. I …

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Oct 17

Why Write Music?

They say that everyone has a song. It may not be a song with music. It may be a story, a poem, a painting, or some other form of creative expression.There’s another saying that says you don’t want to die with your song still in you. It’s all about creative expression. That take different forms …

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Oct 14

The Walking Dead Season 4

I haven’t had cable TV for several years. I haven’t missed it since most of what is on is really bad. But I do have NetFlix and YouTube, and can watch selective entertainment on Amazon. I eagerly awaited season 4 of The Walking Dead. I waited up late until it was available on Amazon. I …

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Oct 12

Card Hero

I am getting ready to release a Windows 8 app named Card Hero. It is a collection of 18 card games including Hearts, Spades, Rummy, Canasta, Pinochle, Solitaire, Blackjack, Poker, Mahjong, Old Main, Tonk, Crazy 8s, Whist, Euchre, War, and Go Fish. The app will be the most complete collection of card games for the …

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Sep 20

In The Nation’s Capital

Washington DC is awesome. The history alone gives you distinct pause. But that I like to immerse in is the culture and art. The Smithsonian’s provide hours of the demonstration of human creation, and I can visit for Kandinsky and never tire. A trip to the Kennedy center gives me another experience of human creation …

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Sep 15

Stomping Grounds

Last night I decided to take a drive after I did an hour of cardio at Chinqua Penn trail. I happened to drive the route I used to run every morning. For about a year I ran two miles: one mile from the gym and one mile back. But then I realized that might not …

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Sep 08

Music and more music

Today I posted an arrangement of a spiritual-type song that I arranged and performed about 10 years ago. It is for two voices and guitar. Check out the music page and listen to I Will Arise and Go To Jesus. Use the arrangement if you like it. I am also contemplating computer-assisted melody creation. For my …

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