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Apr 24

The Symphony of Birds

I love the Spring. It is such a relief from the dreary cold that this area gets. I am from Miami, and have never really adjusted to the seasons. With Spring comes the symphony of birds in the morning. It is such an absolute joy to start my day with coffee while listening to the …

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Mar 17

It is fun wrapping projects up

This month there are several projects that will wrap up and come to and endpoint. Of course with software, nothing is completely done. However, getting to the release date is really satisfying. After this month, I have several more key endpoints to look forward to. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you reach a …

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Mar 04

Disconnected from who I am

There are periods when I get really immersed in some of my work. These are very productive times, and I get a lot done. But there can be a price to this flurry of productivity. It is a disconnection from who I am. I stop doing the things I love. This includes taking walks, reading, …

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Feb 06

Releasing software is a tough thing

I am 10 days away from a product release. You would think that everything would be done and we are just polishing. But that is not the way software works. The end is always a flurry of activity to complete the final tasks. This is no different. 80 hour weeks characterize my life right now. …

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Jan 26

I Am A Spartan

I am a Spartan. Yesterday in Southern California I finished the Spartan Race super. It was 9 miles with 30 obstacles. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done. But it was way worth it! My buddies and I are going to do the Spartan trifecta. It will be the sprint in April …

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Jan 25

Spartan Race Here I Come

I am preparing for a Spartan Race. It is 9 miles with about 30 obstacles. I am in San Diego drinking my coffee waiting for my buddies to wake up. We will leaven in about an hour and a half. This is a time of excitement for me. This will be fun to do with …

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Jan 19

Readying For The Spartan Race

I am in final training for the Spartan Race which will be in San Diego on January 25, 2014. The race is nine miles with about 30 obstacles. I am running it with my buddy John Neuhart and his son Joel. We are planning to run a 5K race in Indiana in April, and then …

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Jan 08

What is Conceptual Art?

I went to music school for seven years. I was exposed to all sorts of innovative ideas, and even embraced Avant Garde music for awhile. Studying the likes of John Cage, Arnold Shoenberg, and Anton Webern gave me a sense of exapanding traditional music ideas. I have always been open to artistic innovations. There is …

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Jan 06

Is Facebook Fading?

I am now starting to wonder if Facebook is fading. Will it become another MySpace? It is true that the younger generation does not use Facebook very much any more. Things such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest have stepped in with new ways to communicate. One can see diminishing use of Facebook by the younger …

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Jan 03

Racquetball, a dwindling sport

I remember a time when racquetball was in vogue. Everyone joined to local club and played with their friends. But two things happened to significantly drop the number of people who play racquetball. The first is the aging of the playing population. The sport makes heavy demands physically, and so when people age and get …

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