Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 29

Another Summer Slips By

As the weather starts to cool off, I am realizing that another summer has slipped by. I am from Miami and now living in North Carolina. For this reason, summer is an important time for me. Growing up, I never really had a change of seasons. Now that I am living where the seasons change, …

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Aug 24

Music, a spoke in my wheel

Tony Robbiins metaphorically talks about our lives as a wheel with spokes. If any one of the spokes is not functioning correctly, the wheel is out of balance. And imaging if the wheel has more than one spoke that is weak or non functional. For many, exercise is a spoke that becomes weak. I am …

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Aug 19

Rainy Reidsville

I live in Reidsville, North Carolina where it has rained a lot this summer. This morning is one of those gloomy “I’m gonna rain and be gloomy all day” mornings. It’s good for thinking, though. It always stimulates my creative juices. I think it’s because I want to overcome the gloom and create something new …

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Aug 10

The Shifting Sands of Technology

A large part of what I do is contract programming and consulting. It almost always follows the same pattern. Huge excitement with the start of a project. Satisfaction over quality work for each milestone. But in technology, there are things that creep in. Funding sources dry up. The project shifts–also known as a moving target. …

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