Jun 26

First Year at UCF

I am finishing my first year at University of Central Florida. It has been an amazing year. I love knowing that I am affecting tomorrow’s software engineers. I also love the opportunity that UCF gives me to continue learning. I am a life-long learner and plan to take advantage of all of my colleagues who are esteemed.

I am also writing a novel. It is named “The Lion’s Paw 2″, and is a continuation of the Robb White classic “The Lion’s Paw” which was published in 1946. This is an exciting project for me since I loved White’s original book. Now I can move the adventure into a new generation, and provide readers with another experience.

I am also developing an app for Android and iOS. It is based on the old “Horse” game that we used to play on the basketball court. You take a shot, then your opponent takes a shot. If your opponent misses they get a letter such as “H”, “O”, “R”, “S”, or “E”.

I am looking forward to seeing what this next year has to offer!!!