Aug 07

A Year At University of Central Florida

One year has passed since I began teaching computer science at University of Central Florida. It has been an amazing year. UCF is amazing. Instead of teaching in classrooms, I teach in auditoriums. The students I get, for the most part, are very bright. The facilities here are top notch. The support resources for faculty are incredible.

It has been a tough year, though. Learning the ropes took my the first semester. And I have said many times, it takes a couple of years to really get good at teaching a class–I am halfway there. I am away from North Carolina where I have been living for a number of years. And even though I grew up in Miami, it still took time to get used to being back in Florida.

Now for an even better year. I am determined to deliver better instruction, and give students the best I can give them. I have some apps that I will release this year. I have a data compression algorithm that I plan to wrap up this fall and push across the finish line. And I plan to complete a novel. I am living in the anticipation for how these successful projects will lead to even more success. Stay tuned.