Aug 30


In college I had a girlfriend who seemed to have a chip of some sort on her shoulder. She always wanted to prove to others how smart she was. And if you corrected her, she would fight you.

One time someone told her that she was incorrigible. At the time neither of us knew what that meant, and we looked the word up in the dictionary. There were essentially two meanings for the word. The first was the most common: when a person is not able to be corrected because of your defensive attitude. The second is not a common meaning for the word: when you are not able to be corrected because you are always right.

After we had read those definitions, she turned to me and said, well at least one person realizes that I am always right. This is just an example of someone who has no concept that they can possibly be wrong. Needless to say, this relationship had challenges over time.

As it turns out, it was not arrogance but insecurity that caused this behavior. She studied flute and eventually got a job as a professional flute player. She had to quit because of her nervousness in front of others, not a good trait for a musician.