Sep 18

Keep Your Altars Clean

Keep your altars clear.

This is a saying from esoterica, and also from traditional religions. It means that wherever you worship, you need to keep the environment clean and neat.

But as a pragmatic software engineer, I would extrapolate this to your entire environment. Lots of people (especially those of my ilk who develop software) say that their piles of clutter are OK, and that they are organized in their software development. And to them I say BS. I cannot imagine working on software and being organized in my approach to development when my life is out of control organizationally. One affects the other. If your office is a mess with papers piled everywhere, then your software will be a mess with methods and procedures that make no sense going everywhere.

This wasn’t always my approach. At one time I was in the camp that my office and surroundings could be a mess, but my software was apart from that. But as I came to grips with the personal clutter, my software became more clear. I was able to organize and execute a software development plan in ways that had previously escaped me. The correlation become obviously clear, a neat environment fosters neat software engineering and development.

Keeping your altars (environment) clear gives your software development the edge that it needs.