Jul 13

Will Windows 8 Apps Get Traction?

I am currently developing a Windows 8 app that represents a great deal of effort. It is a collection of 15 card games, and is named Card Hero. Besides the time I am investing, I am spending money on having graphics resources created, and buying some multimedia elements.

While it sounds like Microsoft is pushing Windows 8 apps, I got burned on apps for the last version of Windows Mobile. I developed three apps for Windows Mobile and made a grand total of zero. Now as I am in the final stages of developing Card Hero, I have to wonder if this will be the same story.

You might be thinking, this is different than the last version of Windows Mobile. Yes, that makes sense. But I already have five apps in the Windows 8 store. iChessKids has made more money than any of the other apps coming in at a very disappointing grand total at this moment. That low figure is in spite of the fact that iChessKids was part of a five part series which I wrote for Microsoft on writing Windows 8 apps. I would have thought that iChessKids would have generated a significant revenue by now.

Even the brain-damaged XBox 360 Indie store produced far more revenue. For instance, I have a Windows 8 app named Ballochet that I also released in the XBox 360 Indie store. To date, the revenue of Ballochet in the Windows 8 store is a very small faction of what Ballochet produced in a week on the XBox 360 Indie store.

I hope that my Windows 8 app development efforts pay off. I hope that it is not a repeat of my Windows Mobile app development from two years ago. Let’s see.

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