Aug 10

The Shifting Sands of Technology

A large part of what I do is contract programming and consulting. It almost always follows the same pattern. Huge excitement with the start of a project. Satisfaction over quality work for each milestone.

But in technology, there are things that creep in. Funding sources dry up. The project shifts–also known as a moving target. Marketing people change the scope of the project. And even sometimes, your contact person is let go for one reason or another.

I have experiences a number of these situations in the past year. In a way it is bad–I like some certainty (listen to Tony Robbins about the 7 human needs). I like to get paid when jobs continue. I like to fall into a groove in which I am really productive. But there are some good things. You always need to keep your skills current. Your life is rarely boring. And you get to meeting and interact with new people all the time.

It’s a mixed bag. I just need to remember to be flexible. I also need to remember that these situations are in my life as learning experiences.


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