Aug 19

Rainy Reidsville

I live in Reidsville, North Carolina where it has rained a lot this summer. This morning is one of those gloomy “I’m gonna rain and be gloomy all day” mornings. It’s good for thinking, though. It always stimulates my creative juices. I think it’s because I want to overcome the gloom and create something new and fresh.

I don’t like Reidsville that well. I am planning to move sometime soon. I need to be in a larger city where there is more to do. I also would love a Starbucks nearby, and a trip to Whole Foods that is less than 1 1/2 hour round trip.

If you have never had a Reiko massage, I highly recommend it. You will feel like a different person for days (at least). There is someone here in town who is fantastic, and always balances me.

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