Aug 24

Music, a spoke in my wheel

Tony Robbiins metaphorically talks about our lives as a wheel with spokes. If any one of the spokes is not functioning correctly, the wheel is out of balance. And imaging if the wheel has more than one spoke that is weak or non functional.

For many, exercise is a spoke that becomes weak. I am getting back on track. My racquetball games on Tuesday and Thursday keep me in equilibrium at the very least.

But music is a spoke in my life that sometimes becomes weak. Fortunately, I strengthened that spoke recently. I wrote a choral piece (SATB and piano) called Culture Glimpse. It featured African, French, Japanese, and Brazilian sections. The idea was to highlight several cultures. The competition for which it was intended had a limit of five minutes, so fitting the four cultures in was about the best I could do.

I need to keep this spoke strong. I am now planning a song cycle for the NATS art song competition which is due December 1, 2013.

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