Aug 29

Another Summer Slips By

As the weather starts to cool off, I am realizing that another summer has slipped by. I am from Miami and now living in North Carolina. For this reason, summer is an important time for me. Growing up, I never really had a change of seasons. Now that I am living where the seasons change, summer is a magical time for me.

I spend the entire winter thinking and planning the things that I will get done during the upcoming summer. And when summer gets here I am usually consumed by projects, jobs, responsibilities, and other demands. The end of the summer inevitably brings remorse that I did not have the kind of summer I was hoping for. I wanted to climb those mountains (both physically and metaphorically ). But life happens.

For next summer, I am going to temper my plans and make them more reasonable. Then I am going to do a better job in servicing the summer goals that I set. Of course, I will need to make sure that they all align with my higher criteria.

Anyway, there is always next summer…


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