Sep 05

Black Mountain College

I was an undergraduate when I learned about Black Mountain College. It was open from 1933 through 1957. It is hard to say what the contribution of the college was, but I would venture to say it was large.┬áMany of the school’s students and faculty were influential in the arts or other fields, or went on to become influential.

Of special note for me is John Cage. Although I can’t think of a single John Cage composition that I want to perform or hear, he was the most influential music composer of this century. He was probably more philosophy than musical composition.

I am going to visit the Black Mountain College museum in Asheville on September 18th this year. I am really looking forward to it. This mostly forgotten college which played such a role in shaping culture in the US has a lot to say to us all. I am looking forward to facing those things on the 18th.


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