Sep 08

Music and more music

Today I posted an arrangement of a spiritual-type song that I arranged and performed about 10 years ago. It is for two voices and guitar. Check out the music page http://rickleinecker.com/Rick-Leinecker-Music-and-Creative-Endeavers.html and listen to I Will Arise and Go To Jesus. Use the arrangement if you like it.

I am also contemplating computer-assisted melody creation. For my first attempts I will provide the rhythm since that will be from the text I will also provide the meter. In addition, I am planning to provide the points of tension, low range sections, and high range sections. Then I will see what my melody creator can come up with.

Once it is relatively complete, I will post it on my experimental music page. I am currently studying Joseph Schillinger’s tomes, and the Hindemith craft of musical composition.

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