Sep 20

In The Nation’s Capital

Washington DC is awesome. The history alone gives you distinct pause. But that I like to immerse in is the culture and art. The Smithsonian’s provide hours of the demonstration of human creation, and I can visit for Kandinsky and never tire. A trip to the Kennedy center gives me another experience of human creation and performance. It is great that the Smithsonian’s are free and the Kennedy Center has many free events.

I also enjoy some of the events in the National Mall. Very often there are artists and performers there. One of the most incredible things I experienced in the mall is a group of Laotian break dancers. Yes, say what you will about them not being native break dancers. But they were awesome, ad their artistry was second to none.

All of this comes two days after I visited the Black Mountain College museum in Asheville, North Carolina This was a college that specialized in whole thinking without boundaries. It included instructors such as Buckminster Fuller, John Cage, and Merce Cunningham.

All of this has me in the exact spot to complete the song cycle that I have working on. It is based on love poems of Rumi. I should have it recorded sometime in November. I will post it on m web site after the contest is over.

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