Oct 14

The Walking Dead Season 4

I haven’t had cable TV for several years. I haven’t missed it since most of what is on is really bad. But I do have NetFlix and YouTube, and can watch selective entertainment on Amazon.

I eagerly awaited season 4 of The Walking Dead. I waited up late until it was available on Amazon. I was really disappointed. It seemed that there was an attempt to develop some of the characters. Rick met someone who made him examine himself. Beth realized that she could no longer cry. Glenn and Maggie are thinking about whether getting pregnant is a good idea. And Darryl and Carol seem to be a couple.

But things moved slowly, and there was no brilliance in the writing. It was pretty bland and predictable. There were two interesting twists, however, that were well done because of their subtlety. Michone looked at Macon on the map, and a guy from Woodbury turned.

I hope that the remaining episodes are better. But maybe seasons 1-3 were the same quality and my expectations are just a lot higher.

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