Dec 03

Google During Disagreements Is A Game Changer

Have you ever been in an argument and wished that you had unlimited access to the facts? It would be almost unfair if all facts that were available to you and not the person on the other side.

I once witnessed a disagreement between two people. One was a scruffy dope smoking hippie type and the other a religion zealot.

As they argued, I googled everything that they said. It was great to instantly fact check their arguments. When the religious zealot brought up the land tides of 1754, the hippie could not say much since it was a new concept that he had never heard of, and could not refute it. But google came to my rescue. There is no such thing as a land tide.

This goes to show you two things. 1) in an argument you can make claims that are so outlandish that your opponent can’t say much, and 2) google is a great fact checker that one of your allies should use during the discussion.