Dec 31

Have You Ever…?

When I was in about the sixth grade, there was this cool guy I knew. He told me he was selling those blow pops at school and making lots of money. I did think this was a good idea, and asked how much he was selling them for. He said 10 cents for one and 25 centers for two.

Of course I scratched my head. Why would you pay extra when you buy two? If anything, it should be ten cents each and 25 cents for three–getting the expected discount for a volume purchase.

Seeing my confused look, the cool buy surmised that I was not in agreement with his pricing structure. He was not used to anyone disagreeing with him. So he squints his eye and looks at me mean and says “Well they buy them!” Which says to me that the purchases are stupid. I would have bought a single, then turned around and bought another to avoid the five cent penalty for buying two.

I wonder what the public at large today accepts in the same way without questioning. Most Americans have zero skills of both math and reasoning. No wonder politicians get away with what they get away with.