Jan 03

Racquetball, a dwindling sport

I remember a time when racquetball was in vogue. Everyone joined to local club and played with their friends. But two things happened to significantly drop the number of people who play racquetball.

The first is the aging of the playing population. The sport makes heavy demands physically, and so when people age and get out of shape, it is much more difficult to play racquetball. Younger players have not filled the gap as much since there are other things which seem to be more popular.

Another thing that happened was the clubs realized that they were collecting about $10-$15 per hour from racquetball fees. The space could be moneitized better with a class of 20 people doing arobics, zumba, or yoga. So the number of courts reduced over the years. Now, those who wanted to play could not always find a place to play.

This is a shame considering the health benefits of racquetball. Now I do understand that it can be dangerous. I have come off of the court dripping blood. But aside from that, the cardio benefits are enormous. Circuit training where a persons activity alternates between intense and mild are considered to be the best form of training.

I encourage everyone to consider racquetball as a sport that they can enjoy and use to get in shape.