Jul 11

Rebooting My Life

I am in the process of rebooting my life. For starters, my personal web site (rickleinecker.com) is being completely redone. I am also restarting my personal blog, thus this entry.

Right now I live in Reidsville, North Carolina. My plans are to leave here for three months, possibly starting on August 17, 2013. Then I will stay in San Diego for about three months with John Neuhart (unless he kicks me out early).

After that I have no idea. I just know that I need to get out of Reidsville. I should receive my PhD in June 2014, so that may change things for me.

I have written a number of Windows 8 apps, I will see what kind of revenue they produce. I have been writing regular columns for SlashDot media on writing Windows 8 apps and using the Intel Parallel Suite. I enjoy it, and plan to continue as long as SlashDot needs me.


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