Jul 06

The Heat of the Summer

It is two days after July 4th. This is the heat of the summer. This is the season I love the most.

I am moving to Orlando in 26 days (actually Oviedo). That means I have had my last winter, at least I hope. I am looking forward to more warm weather throughout the year. It fits my better than cold weather. And I can be outside doing things such as diving and surfing.

I have been in North Carolina for about 25 years. I love the mountains. I have had many good times here. I have many good friends that I am leaving. I will definitely miss a lot about North Carolina, but not the winter.

I lived in Ohio for two years where winter is a lot worse than winter in North Carolina. But I was in graduate school and newly married, so I didn’t really mind. I think it was dealing with snow and ice storms with treacherous driving and out electricity that wore on me.

I am also really excited to be on the faculty at University of Central Florida. This is a dream come true.